There is a lot involved in a pre school ballet class. Together we learn a whole new way of moving, and for our young girls and boys, there’s also listening to instructions from different grown-ups and a brand new class of dance friends to meet. For our first time dancers, there’s a whole new exciting environment to navigate too!

At Tutu Studios we’re all about setting up our littlest dancers for success. To us this means we’re making sure all our students are feeling comfortable, safe and supported in our dance space. We know that routine and consistency is important for our young students to thrive. Here are some examples of how we create a positive experience for our dancers in class:

· we always start dance class on time and sit together in a circle to greet each other

· there are spaces to dance and spaces to talk to our friends

· after we dance with props we pack them away

· sometimes it’s my turn to dance and sometimes I wait for my friends to dance

Structure is the secret to success.

When we let our students know what happens, where, and when, we reduce uncertainty and anxiety and ensure our students feel safe as they explore the magic of dance.