Terms & Conditions

Please read all Terms and Conditions carefully. By enrolling with Tutu Studios it is assumed that you have read, understood and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.


To secure your child’s place in class, term fees must be paid in full by the due date. Fees that are not paid by the due date may result in your child losing their place.


Once paid, fees are non-refundable. No refunds or discounts will be offered for missed lessons, for any reason. In the event of lockdown, or self- isolation due to Covid-19 we will revert to Zoom classes. No credits, and no refunds will be offered.


New students can attend a Trial Class. All Trial Classes are $22. To book and attend a Trial Class, you must Register and pay using our scheduling system.


Re-enrolling students simply click the Enrol button on our website to register and choose your class.

Class sizes at Tutu Studios are limited. We do not offer casual classes.


If your child misses a class, they are welcome to attend a make up class. Make up classes must be taken within the current term of enrolment and are subject to availability. Students are required to be enrolled and have paid in full for the current term to qualify for make up classes. Make up classes cannot be used as credit or used to reduce fees. Missed trials can be made up subject to availability and must be taken in the same term as the original trial booking. Please contact Tutu Studios to arrange all make up lessons. In the event of lockdown, or self- isolation due to Covid-19 we will revert to Zoom classes. No credits, and no refunds will be offered.


A child enrolled in the Tutu Toddler class for 18 month -3 year olds must be accompanied by an adult who will participate with their child throughout the class.

A child enrolled in the Little Tutus 3-5 year old classes is welcome to have a parent or carer watch for their very first class at Tutu Studios. After the child’s first class, parents and carers must wait outside during class time.

At times the teacher running the class may allow a parent to view the class if a child is upset – this is at the sole discretion of the teacher and is based upon what is best for the child and the effective running of the class.


Please be punctual. This really helps a child to settle into class well. Arrive in good time and be dressed and ready for class.

Please take you child to the toilet before class.

For student safety, deliver your child into the care of a teacher at the start of class. Arrive promptly and make contact with the teacher before taking your child from the studio.


At the end of Terms 1, 2 and 3 there will be a Viewing Day for each class where parents, relatives and friends can come and see what the children have been working on in class. Viewing Days are a very special time for all our students. The children love the attention of a quiet and appreciative audience – so no talking please and switch off mobile phones.


Unless Tutu Studios receives written notification to the contrary, by enrolling with Tutu Studios it is assumed that you give permission for Tutu Studios to take photographs and videos of your child whilst in a Tutu Studios dance class. By enrolling with Tutu Studios it is also assumed that you give permission for your child’s photographed or electronically recorded image to be used for promotional and advertising purposes for Tutu Studios including but not limited to print media, marketing or promotional material online, on Tutu Studios website and social media.


Whilst all due care will be taken, by enrolling with Tutu Studios you agree to release Tutu Studios and all employees of Tutu Studios from liability for any injuries to you or your child while attending classes at Tutu Studios.