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Welcome to Tutu Studios

A school for little dancers to be immersed in beautiful music and movement through fairy tales, stories, and engaging props. Not only will your dancer grow into a creative, curious, confident, happy young person, you’ll be able to celebrate each special step they take along the way.

Let your little dancer experience magic with us – A message from Elke

When I created Tutu Studios, this is what I wanted for our students. 

A ballet school for young children that is encouraging, rich with imagination and uses the joy of play. A dance school that is supportive, purposeful and engaging to spark curiosity, inspire wonder and uses simple delightfulness to kindle creativity. A safe place where children learn valuable life skills through beautifully structured classes which draw from the best principles of the Cecchetti ballet syllabus and Leap N’ Learn curriculums.

Most importantly you’ll be there to celebrate each special step your little dancer takes. And to witness your child grow into a kind, supportive, creative, young person.

Our aim is to kindle an enduring love of movement, dance and love of learning for each child. 

We believe that every child should experience kindness, encouragement and support when they are taught dance.

That every child should feel like they belong, that they are seen and feel included.

We believe that every child should experience the delight of moving to music, and be transported and mesmerised by the beautiful stories and the adventures we go on each class.

Every child should experience the thrill and wonder of dressing up for their first special concert in a gorgeous tutu and performing for their favourite audience, you.

Every child should feel that sense of accomplishment when they learn a new skill, and learn the love and habit of moving, to feel great because they are exercising.

Every child should look back when they are older and think what a magical, cherished childhood memory their first ballet lessons were. If you believe your child should have this too, we would love for your little ballerina to join us.

Our Philosophy and Curriculum

To teach with kindness, encouragement and joy. To nurture curiosity, creativity and engagement through play and to spark an enduring love of dance and learning. Our teaching is purposeful and all classes are structured in a way to best nurture your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and motor development.

Leap N’ Learn and Cecchetti Syllabus

Our class plans have been designed incorporating the best practices of the Cecchetti Syllabus and Leap N’ Learn. Leap N’ Learn is an early childhood dance program designed specifically for girls and boys 3-8 years by master ballet teacher Beverly Spell and expert child psychologist Dr Annie Spell.

The Leap N’ Learn program brings an important layer to our classes as it focuses on the cognitive and neural development of each child.

We have uniquely woven the principles of Leap N’ Learn and Cecchetti with stories, fairy tales and imagery to make your child’s ballet learning experience more effective and successful.

  • Mummy are we going to ballet today? This is the question I hear from my 2 year old daughter every morning The way the teacher interacts with the kids and the patience she has in teaching them makes my daughter so confident and so interested in going to her classes every week. I started looking forward to this class myself!

    Sarah Mum of Poppy, 2.5yrs
See your tiny dancer flourish at Tutu Studios