FAQs For Ballet Classes

We’ve included answers to all of our most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email your question to us through our contact form or call us on 0408 701 081.

How do I enrol?

We would love for your dancer to join us. Simply click here to fill in our online registration. Once you have registered you can choose your class.

For step by step instructions click here.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes we do! All trial classes are $23. Simply choose “Request a Trial/Drop-in Class” in the portal after you register. After the trial, your little dancer will be invited to continue for the term. Payment is by the term and is pro-rata if joining mid-way through the term.

For step by step instructions to book a trial class click here.

How much are your fees?

Fees are payable by the term in advance. Terms are usually 9 to 10 weeks and approximately follow the school term. If your child starts mid-term, payment will be for the remainder of the term.

Tutu Toddlers – 30 minute class $23.00
Little Tutus Ballet – 45 minute class $25.00
Pre Primary – 45 minute class $25.00
Primary – 45 minute class $25.00
Grade 1 – 1 hour class $26.50
Grade 2 – 1 hour class $26.50
Grade 3 – 1 hour  class $26.50
Grade 4 – 1 hour  class $26.50
Grade 5 – 1.25 hour  class $28.00
Grade 4 – 1.25 hour class $28.00

Contemporary 9-14 yrs– 1hr class $26.50

Jazz 8-14 yrs– 1hr class $26.50

Open Tap  45 minute class $25.00

Do you offer make-up classes?

Yes, we offer up to 2 makeup classes per term to catch up on any lessons that your dancer may miss. Make up classes must be taken in the same term in which the missed class occurred. Please note, make up classes are subject to availability and cannot be used for credit. Please email Elke info@tutustudios.com.au to organise your makeup classes.

Do you have a concert?

Yes! We have the most gorgeous, on-stage, age-appropriate On-Stage Concert in Term 4 for our Little Tutus ballet, Graded ballet, Contemporary, Tap and Jazz.

The concert is simple, serene and all rehearsals are held during normal class time.

Do you offer Cecchetti examinations?

Yes, we teach the Cecchetti syllabus  and offer Cecchetti examinations and class awards from Primary level. Please contact Elke info@tutustudios.com.au for more details.

Can boys join your classes?

Yes! We would love for your boy to join our toddler ballet, preschool ballet, Cecchetti ballet, Jazz, or Contemporary classes. Dance is for everyone and our stories and classes are designed to appeal to boys and girls.

Do carers dance in the toddler class?

This class is designed for a grown up to dance along with their child. The children love it when their special grown up joins in and it is a beautiful way to share a discovery of music, movement and fun!

Are we able to watch our child in the pre-school ballet class?

It’s your choice. You can choose to stay and watch, or if your dancer is comfortable dancing without you in the room, you can choose to drop off.

How I early should I arrive before our class?

It is good to arrive at least 5 minutes before class so that your dancer is settled and does not feel rushed.

Do you have viewing days?

At the end of Term 2 and 3 there will be a Viewing Day where parents, relatives and special friends can come and watch the children in their usual class. There will also be a gorgeous, age-appropriate onstage Concert for our Preschool ballet Little Tutus 3-5 year classes, Graded ballet and all other dance styles at the end of the year.

My child has separation anxiety. Will they still be able to dance?

You can choose to stay and watch your child for the pre school ballet classes.

Will my child get bored in class?

We use stories, beautiful music, lovely themed props, and special dress ups in our classes to create a magical world of pretend play and make believe. Old style ballet lessons might have been boring. Not the classes at Tutu Studios!

How is Tutu Studios different from other ballet schools?

At Tutu Studios, we use stories which we pair carefully with classical music and beautiful themed props.

The school is dedicated to providing a professional, welcoming, and nurturing environment. And it is focussed on the children and excellence in teaching.

All teachers are carefully trained in the Tutu Studios way of teaching, and each term receive several sessions to learn the new class plans. We constantly discuss, revise, and improve the way we teach.

Are ballet classes too strict? I want my child to have fun.

We offer gorgeous imaginative classes with sparkling stories. The children are immersed in the story so they do not realise they are learning. Because engagement is high it’s easy to keep a lovely purposeful structure to the class. Our teachers are trained to appeal to the playful side of children in a gently structured way so classes aim for a calm and nurturing atmosphere. It’s a different way of teaching that is appealing to children and parents alike.

What age groups do you offer classes for? We offer toddler ballet for 18 month – 3 years, Preschool ballet for 3-5 year olds, Cecchetti ballet syllabus classes for children from 4.5 years, Jazz for 8-14 year olds, Contemporary for 8-15 year olds and tap for 5-15 year olds.

Does my child need to have any experience with dancing before joining your classes?

There are no prerequisites and no prior experience is necessary. Only the desire to dance!