Parents Guide For Ballet Classes

You twirled on tip toe, imagining you were Princess Odette from Swan Lake. You loved the gorgeous costumes, the fairy tale stories and way the ballerinas seemed to float across the floor. You danced with your teddy, pirouetted and leapt all day long.

Now you want the same for your little ballerina, to continue a much loved tradition, to see her dance and twirl and giggle as she falls in love with dancing like you did. Or perhaps you weren’t given the opportunity to attend ballet classes and now as you see your little angel always dancing at home, with her love of make believe and magic, you want to give her the opportunity to dance as you never did.

Being a busy mum juggling career, home and life, you are dedicated to your children. You want to know that your little ballerina will not only get to twirl and leap with sparkles and gorgeous props, she will also meet other little girls and find confidence and happiness in her dancing.

You want her to feel special, nurtured, and cherished like you cherish her. You want her to be happy and healthy. The idea of seeing your little dancer in a tutu brings a smile to your face. It brings back all the wonderful memories you experienced or wished you’d experienced when you were little.

Let your little dancer experience magic with us

At Tutu Studios that is exactly what we strive for and give our valued little dancers. With our Founder and Director, Elke Crowe, experiencing the joy of dance herself and then seeing her own children flourish through ballet, she would love the same for your child.

Elke created a ballet school that not only lets children experience the joy of play and dance; it brings out their confidence, self-expression, and imagination. They also learn valuable life skills through structured classes which draw from the best principles of the Royal Academy of Dance and Leap N’ Learn curriculums.

You’ll be there to celebrate each special dance step your tiny ballerina takes. And to witness her transform into the joyful, confident little girl you’d always imagined.

See your tiny ballerina flourish at Tutu Studios
  • Tayla comes home and shows me what she has learnt after each lesson and is always happy at the end of the class when I pick her up. She loves Monday morning as she knows it's ballet day for her.

    Dee Mum of Tayla, 4 yrs